Veterinary Services

Enumclaw, WA

As you walk your horse out of the stall, you notice something is wrong with them. They are not walking the way they used to, and you notice they are stumbling. In the past, they would run out of the stall. They could not wait to get outside so they could be with the other horses. It seems they no longer want to be outside and you notice they are withdrawn from the other horses. At first, you thought they were having a bad day. Then you realize it is something more, but you are not sure what is wrong. Instead of trying to diagnose the horse yourself, you need to get the help of a highly trained equine veterinarian.

If you need an equine veterinarian in Enumclaw, WA, then you need someone known for giving horses the best care. You want to take your horse to someone with years of experience treating horses so you can be confident the diagnosis is correct. If you want to take your horse to a trusted equine veterinarian, then take your horse to Cedar Springs Equine. As an equine veterinarian, I have the experience to determine why your horse is no longer active.

Once you come to my office in Enumclaw, WA, I will start by performing horse lameness exams. The horse lameness exams will show injuries the horse may have. The horse may have an injured leg, but the injury is not visible. By completing the exams, I will be able to have an extensive view of the injury. Then I will be able to prescribe the best treatment plan for your horse. After completing the treatment plan, your horse should be back to feeling their best again. If you notice your horse is having issues with the way they walk, then call me for help.