Horse Emergency Services

Woodinville, WA

For years, you searched for a race horse. It took you a long time to find one that met your standards. After searching, you finally found the perfect horse. The horse has won many races, and you are a proud owner. As you prepare the horse for another race, you notice they are not feeling well. They are lethargic, and they do not want to run. In the past, they were always energetic during training for a race. Now, you are worried something is wrong with them. You want to make sure they are healthy, so you decide to take them to a horse doctor. Online, you search for a horse doctor in Woodinville, WA.

If you are searching for a veterinarian for your horse, then contact my office. At Cedar Springs Equine, we make your horse our priority. I provide the best care to horses, and I will take the time to give your horse a proper assessment. Once you bring your horse to our location, I will run tests using state-of-the-art equipment. I will find out what is wrong with your horse, and I will recommend the best course of treatment for your horse.

Many people in the community of Woodinville, WA visit our office for treatment of their horses. They know I will give their horses the attention they need to get better. I will give the owners advice on how to improve the condition of their horse. I will advise the horse owner on regular checkups the horse may need to keep healthy. If the horse has low energy, I will help the owner improve the horse's diet. If you notice your horse is no longer active, then call me today. I want to help your horse feel their best so they can continue to win their races.