Horse Doctor

Maple Valley, WA

After winning the race in Maple Valley, WA, you were happy. You were proud of your horse and you wanted others to see how amazing he is. You rode the horse out of the stable, and you wanted to ride him in front of the audience. As you rode the horse, you noticed the horse stepping differently. Then the horse started to buck, and you knew something was wrong. You took the horse back to the stable, and you spent time looking at them. You do not see anything wrong with them, but you worry they may have been injured. Many times after a horse race, their hips can become stiff, so they will struggle to move.

Once the horse owner sees them struggling, they will have them return to their stable. The owner will not see anything wrong with them, so they will think there are no issues. They do not get the horse the treatment they need, so the horse continues to struggle. The best step the horse owner can take is to bring them to my office at Cedar Springs Equine in Maple Valley, WA. As a horse chiropractor, I have helped many race horses with their movement issues. After a race, the horse's hips may lock up.

The horse may be unable to move correctly. By getting them the care provided by a horse chiropractor, they will no longer struggle with the issue. I will provide them with the care they need so they will no longer have issues with their movement. They will be able to move after a race, and their hips will no longer lock up. By getting your horse the care they need, they will be able to continue to race and win races. If you think your horse could benefit from chiropractic care, then call my office today.