Horse Colic Exam

Bonney Lake, WA

For years, you have wanted to get a horse. As a child, your family had horses. You know horses are hard work, but you really want to get one for your own. You have a lot of land for a horse, and you have an unused barn sitting on your property. You bought the house because you dreamed of having horses. You kept putting off getting a horse because you wanted to make sure your family was ready for the addition. Finally, you decided it was time to buy a horse. You searched and searched for the right horse for you and your family, and you found one.

Once you brought the horse home, you explained to your children how to take care of a horse. You gave each of your children tasks to complete every day so you could teach your children how to properly care for horses. As a new horse owner, you want to give your horse the best care. You want to keep them on a healthy diet so you want to choose the right food for them. Also, you want to get them the vaccinations they may need to stay healthy. You want them to have routine checkups so you can ensure they stay healthy. In order to get them the care they need, you need to find veterinary services in Bonney Lake, WA.

At Cedar Springs Equine in Bonney Lake, WA, we provide the best care for horses. Many people bring their horses to our location for routine checkups so they can keep their horses healthy. As an equine veterinarian, I provide a variety of veterinary services for your horse. By bringing your horse to my facility for care, you will be able to prevent future illnesses. Call me today so we can discuss the needs of your horse.