Horse Chiropractor

Puyallup, WA

In the past, you have watched many television shows with horses. You have seen how people react when their horses are colic, and you know how scary it is to have a colic horse. As a horse owner, you have always feared having a colic horse. You have always given your horse the best care so you could prevent them from getting sick. As you walk to the horse stall, you begin to worry. You hear your horse making noises, but you do not see them. Once you open the stable, you see them lying on the floor. They are rolling around making noises, and you are sure they are colic. In order to determine if they are colic, you need to take them for a horse colic exam.

You need the help of an equine veterinarian in the Puyallup, WA area, so you will not have to take your horse far for treatment. If your horse needs a horse colic exam, then call Cedar Springs Equine in Puyallup, WA. At my facility, I offer extensive testing. The tests I use will determine if your horse has colic, and it will help me choose the best treatment plan for your horse's specific health needs. Colic needs to be treated correctly, so that additional health issues are minimized. I have the experience to ensure your horse will receive the right treatment for their needs.

For years, I have been treating colic horses. I know the treatment plans to use to get the best results. After I provide a diagnosis, I will listen to your concerns. I will spend time answering questions. I will show you how to care for your horse after they leave my facility so your horse will heal faster. If you think your horse is suffering from colic, then call my office for the best course of treatment.