Equine Emergency Care

Renton, WA

As a horse owner, you feel joy when you watch your horse feed on the grass. Your favorite part of the day is feeding your horse, because you love to watch them eat. Lately, you have noticed one of your horses not eating. They used to be a big eater, but now they are only eating a small amount. You think something is wrong, but you are not sure. Once you look at your horse, you notice the way they are opening and closing their mouth. You realize they have a toothache, and you are concerned. You wonder what to do for a horse with a toothache, so you go online to do some research. Online, you realize how important it is to get your horse the proper treatment for their toothache.

If the tooth is not treated properly, it could cause the horse to lose it. The tooth could get infected, and it could cause the horse to have additional health issues. You want your horse to receive proper treatment for their tooth pain, so you decide to take them to an equine dentistry. Online, you start searching for an equine dentistry in Renton, WA. If you are online, you will read the excellent reviews on Cedar Springs Equine.

As an equine veterinarian in Renton, WA, I provide equine dentistry. I have extensive training in treating horses with dental problems. Once I look at your horse, I will be able to provide the best course of action for their overall health. By getting your horse the treatment they need for their teeth, you will notice their diet will become normal again. At my office, I will show you the steps to take to ensure your horses keep their teeth healthy. I offer regular checkups for horses, so I will be able to prevent any future dental issues. If you are concerned about your horse's teeth, call me today.