Equine Dentistry

Graham, WA

As you watch your daughter walk in the door, you know something is wrong. She is crying and you can barely understand what she is saying. You know something is wrong with the horse because she was in the stable brushing him. Once you see her point to the stable, you run into the horse's stall. You see the horse is bucking and stumbling. You try to calm the horse down, but you are not able to calm them down. Then you see the horse fall to the ground, and they are barely moving. You fear they are seriously ill and you need them to get the help they need and fast. Online, you quickly search for equine emergency care in Graham, WA.

If you need equine emergency care in Graham, WA, then call the number for Cedar Springs Equine. Many people think the equine veterinarian has short hours, so they decide to call a veterinarian the morning after their horse becomes ill. If your horse is seriously ill, then take advantage of the emergency services I provide. By calling me, I will be able to provide a faster diagnosis for your horse. I will be able to start the treatment plan quicker, so your horse will have a better chance of healing.

My services are available 24/7 because I know horse owners may need the help of an equine veterinarian in the late hours. I have extensive training in treating horses, and I am always continuing my education. My years of experience will help your horse get the care they need to feel their best again. If your horse is sick, then make a quick call to my office. I am here to help you in your time of need, and I will give your horse the care they need.